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partnerscall Jan:
Partnership is guaranteed for regular games. Just show up!
  When there are special games, you need to have a partnership arranged.
The director may not be available
as some Condition of Contest mandate a non-playing Director for special games!

Monday notes from Jed:


Bob Schives and Bill Anderson led the field in tonight’s Club Appreciation Open Pairs game with a nice 67.04% game.

Upcoming Events:

Friday will also be a Club Appreciation Open Pairs game – Regular Stratifications - Shuffle and Deal. 

Next Week is Club Appreciation Fun Swiss – Monday and Friday.

Teams will be randomly drawn with one player from each quartile of the masterpoint rankings. This will allow as even a match as we can get with a random draw.


Bill Anderson’s Lessons continue.  This week’s topic is “Trump Management”.  Thursday morning at 9:00, 4 Balacz Court. $10.


It is not too early to think about Halloween.  We will award prizes for the best costumes at our Oct 30th game.

Have a great week and we will see you on Friday.

Friday notes from Jed:

Congratulations to Terry Pierce and Rosalie Willaerts.  They had the top score for the Club Appreciation Pairs with a 64.35% game - a good result in a competitive game with 20 tables in play.

Remember, next week is Club Appreciation Fun Swiss, both Monday and Friday.  Teams will be drawn at random to attempt to equalize the field as best we can.  There is no need to come with a partner – just show up.  Everyone will get to play, regardless of the number of players attending. 

The following week (Oct 30 and Nov 3) is STaC week

We will also award prizes for the best costumes as we celebrate Halloween on Oct 30.

Am I getting to be that age:

Employment application blanks always ask, "Who is to be called in the case of an emergency?" I think you should write, "An ambulance!"

Slow Play

Failure to finish on time can do a great deal to chase players away from the game and is extremely distressing to waiting players. Bridge is a timed event. If a pair takes more than their share of the allotted time for each round, they are inconveniencing their fellow competitors as well as gaining an unfair advantage over them. When a pair has fallen behind it is incumbent on them to make up the time lost as quickly as possible whether at fault or not.

The actively ethical player makes a concerted effort to catch up when they have fallen behind, regardless of the reason for their lateness. All players are expected to develop this good habit.

Remember: Slow play is subject to penalty, and the penalties are well earned when slow pairs disrupt the normal progression of the game.

Additionally, players should be available to start each subsequent round promptly, avoiding wherever possible, being late to a table for non-bridge reasons.

At the discretion of the TD, slow play penalties will be deemed to be either disciplinary (and unappealable) or procedural. If the latter, appeals committees should tend strongly to reject all routine appeals against slow play penalties. When they do deny such an appeal, they should consider imposing an additional penalty for a frivolous appeal. The burden is on the appellant to demonstrate that some unusual circumstance makes the penalty inappropriate.



The Laws have been revised and are now in effect. See the last few Bulletins for a review of the changes.
The STOP card has been removed from the bidding boxes - bidding in tempo is still imperative.

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