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Tillsonburg Duplicate Bridge Club


partnerscall Jan:
Partnership is guaranteed for regular games. Just show up!
  When there are special games, you need to have a partnership arranged.
The director may not be available
as some Condition of Contest mandate a non-playing Director!

Monday notes from Jed:

Congratulations to all who qualified for the Canadian Open Pairs Championship.  Leading the pack were Doug Cote and Jerry Edge with 65.22%.

Tournament Notes: Congratulations to the following club members for strong performances at the Stratford Sectional this past weekend.
2nd in A-X Swiss Teams:  Bill and Alice Anderson, Gerry VanLierop and Ron Groulx
3rd in Open Pairs: Jeanne and Rob Colton

Upcoming events:

Friday – Nov 24 – Canadian Open Pairs Club Qualifier
Friday, Dec 15 we will have a “DIY” Christmas Delight
. Bring in whatever Christmas treats/baking you would like to share.
Monday, Dec 18
we will have a catered Turkey Dinner.  ($15 per member and $25 per guest, including bridge)

Friday notes from Jed:

Congratulations to Marilyn Pearce and Ben Hooyer – Fall Open Pairs Club Champions with 64.42%.

We have a new coffee maker – you need to wait for the GREEN light to indicate it is ready. 

Upcoming events at the club:

  • Nov 20-24 – Canadian Open Pairs Club Championship
  • Friday, Dec 15 - is a “DIY” Christmas Delight. Bring in Christmas treats/baking you would like to share.
  • Monday, Dec 18 - will be a catered Turkey Dinner.  ($15 per member/$25 per guest, including bridge) Tickets will be on sale until December 8th.

Stratford Sectional – This weekend  If you are planning to play, remember the start times Saturday and Sunday are 10:00 am.

Am I getting to be that age:  Aging: eventually you'll reach a point when you stop lying about your age and start bragging about it.