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When there is a special game, you need to have a partner as the director may not be available. Some Condition of Contest require a non-playing Director!

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News from Jed:

Congratulations to Jim Brimner and Camiel De Vries, Club Champs with 62.75%.

The next major event coming up is our own 39th Annual Tillsonburg Golden Leaf Sectional, Aug 10-12.
We are hoping that all local players participate and welcome our guests from far and wide. This year we have arranged the events so that we have something available for all players to play at their own level. As well, we need volunteers for the following:
  • Stand-bys to fill in each day (Contact Liz Illes)
  • Assistance with set-up and take-down of tables, as well as moving tables to/from the school (Contact Jed Drew)
  • People to sell meal tickets (Contact Jed Drew)
  • People to assist with snack table (Contact Liz Illes)
    • All baking and other snack donations are always welcome!

Upcoming Tournaments:

Plan now to reserve time on your calendar for the Tillsonburg Sectional Aug 10-12
Those qualifing for the NAP need to plan ahead to October 28th - the District 2 NAP Qualifier - for more info CLICK HERE or talk to Jed.


The Bidding Boxews were implemented for 3 main reasons:

  1. To reduce noise - less chatter
  2. To increase speed - no need for reviews
  3. To assist the those with a hearing issue - the alert card must be use to accomplish this
How to Alert

Using bidding boxes, an Alert is made by tapping an Alert card on the table or by tapping the Alert strip on the side of the bid box. In addition, the Alerter must say "Alert." 

How to Announce

When Bid Boxes are being used, the Alert strip is tapped and the appropriate spoken statement is made. 

It is the responsibility of the Alerter or Announcer to ensure that the opponents are aware that an Alert has been made. When in doubt whether to Alert or not, Alert!

Failure to Alert or Announce

If partner fails to Alert or Announce, a player may not make any indication during the auction. Showing surprise or discomfort may awaken partner to the error and would be a violation of Law. In addition, a player may not make allowances for partner's error. The auction must continue as if partner had acted properly. 

When the auction is over, the declaring side must reveal to the defenders, after first calling the Tournament Director, any errors of explanation (including Alerts or Announcements that were omitted) before the opening lead is faced. A defender must reveal any of his partner's errors but may not do so until after the play has been completed. A defender (or any other player) who becomes aware of his own error or omission should correct it immediately. Again, in either case the Tournament Director should be called first.

To ensure full disclosure, at the end of the auction and before the opening lead, declarer is encouraged to volunteer to explain the auction (including available inferences).

Keep in mind also that as systems and treatments evolve and become more widespread in their use, what the ACBL determines to be Alertable also can change.  Many previously Alertable calls no longer require an Alert. However, when in doubt Alert. There is no penalty for Alerting unnecessarily but there may be one for failing to Alert when one is required.


Call JAN: 688-0205



Tillsonburg Summer CC Friday Aft Session July 20, 2018
Scores after 13 rounds  Average:  156.0      Section  TT  North-South
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      Overall Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C     A     B     C  
 17   62.75  195.78  A   1                 1                4.08(OA) Jim Brimner - Camiel De Vries
  6   61.28  191.19  A   2                 3                2.30(OA) David Deaves - Maria Deaves
  1   61.13  190.73  A   3                 4                1.72(OA) Douglas Rogers - Sandy Mitchell
 11   60.86  189.89  A   4                 5                1.29(OA) Ron Groulx - Gerry Vanlierop
  4   58.14  181.40  A   5                                  0.36(SA) Jean Johnson - Frances McConnell
 15   57.44  179.20  B   6     1                 2          1.26(OB) Greta Halff - Eleanor Shwaluk
 16   54.15  168.94  B   7     2                 3          0.95(OB) Robert Millar - Rose McSloy
  9   53.75  167.69  A                                               Gerald Edge - Michael O'Rourke
 13   52.22  162.94  A                                               Diana May - Jacqueline Kirk
  3   51.05  159.28  B         3                 6          0.40(OB) Jim Duffus - Liz Illes
 10   45.66  142.45  A                                               Claire Pitre - Reg Pitre
  8   42.52  132.65  C         4     1                      0.25(SB) Rita Van Lamoen - John Somerville
 12   40.15  125.26  B                                               Helen Parrott - K Marianne Cameron
 14   38.93  121.47  B                                               Anna Marie Thorn - Marilyn Geerts
  7   38.40  119.81  B                                               Suzanne Elliott - Harvey Elliott
  5   35.93  112.11  C                                               Pauline Yurichuk - Al Yurichuk
  2   35.77  111.61  C                                               Debra Wycherley - Indira Reynolds

Tillsonburg Summer CC Friday Aft Session July 20, 2018
Scores after 13 rounds  Average:  156.0      Section  TT  East-West
Pair    Pct   Score      Section Rank      Overall Rank      MPs     
                         A     B     C     A     B     C  
  3   61.66  192.38  A   1                 2                3.06(OA) Robert Schives - Alice Anderson
  5   60.27  188.05  B   2     1           6     1          1.68(OB) Rosalie Willaert - Donna Jackson
  1   57.78  180.27  A   3                                  0.84(SA) Bill Anderson - Ben Hooyer
 18   54.32  169.48  A   4                                  0.63(SA) Ed W J Wright - Harry Liebregts
 14   53.58  167.17  A   5                                  0.36(SA) Anna Mae Pearce - Lana Johnstone
 16   52.68  164.35  B   6     2                 4          0.71(OB) Jim Wright - Lindsay Sleightholm
 11   52.33  163.28  A   7                                  0.26(SA) Peter Kirk - Mary Alice Reid
  4   52.00  162.23  B         3                 5          0.53(OB) Jeannette McLuhan - Barry McLuhan
 13   50.81  158.54  C         4     1                 1    0.98(OC) Sharon Cole - Harold Fishleigh
 10   49.08  153.12  B                                               John Gofton - David Dalton
  7   48.89  152.54  C               2                 2    0.74(OC) Lorraine Ethier - Marcella Wilson
 15   48.11  150.09  C                                 3    0.55(OC) Wendy Egers - Jack Egers
  6   47.91  149.49  A                                               Gordon Waters - Judi Waters
  2   46.01  143.55  A                                               Peter Roney - Orin Booth
  9   44.48  138.77  C                                 4    0.41(OC) Nell Hostetler - Carol Ewing
 17   42.02  131.11  A                                               Robert Burns - Maureen Flynn
  8   40.61  126.69  C                                               Lillian Neale - Mandy Mawhiney
 12   36.61  114.21  C                                               Margaret Vandenberghe - Doreen Smith

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